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Peter Makela : Ah La La Ho

Opens Friday Oct 19th 2018 7-11PM

Oct 19th- Nov 17th 2018

206 S Ave 20 Los Angeles CA 90031

323 356 4225





California Conversations Featuring Skip Snow With

Alex Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Wingler

Diana Bustamante

Liz Walsh

Linda Franke

Juliette Contreras

Maximus Oppenheimer

Molly Tierney

Nilay Lawson

Patrick Donovan

Peter Kalisch

Steven Thomas Higgins

Dominic Quagliozzi

Sept 14th thru Oct 12 2018



























Karim Shuquem Ghost Prints

Fri Dec 8th 7-11pm



additional hours Saturday December 9th, 3-7pm 



• Der Kunstkammer - Cabinet of Curiosities

• Phantom Limbs 1 and 2 (large ink on paper drawings 
covered in red ghostly limbs)

• Prints!     • Black Cubes!     • Black Goo!

installation done in collaboration with Loto Boll

Karim Shuquem began his artistic career as part of the Los Angeles DIY punk culture in the late 80's in which he published zines, pressed records, and promoted shows. In the 90's, he performed with the situationist Cacophony Society, the industrial/punk group the Boy Scouts of Annihilation, and toured nationally with the pranksterist variety show Circus Redickuless. In 1999 Shuquem lived in Northern California and entered Cal State Hayward as a graphic design student.  and earned a BFA degree in Fine Art as well .

Coinciding with his time in school, Shuquem spent five years as frontman of death rock punk band The Phantom Limbs. Shuquem's visceral expression of existential distress laced with black comedy, along with the hyper-charged and unusual compositions of keyboardist Stevenson Sedgwick helped earn his group the title Best Local Band (S.F. Bay Guardian 2003). After finishing his undergrad studies, and after 220 performances with The Phantom Limbs, including 3 U.S. tours and 2 European tours, Shuquem left the Bay Area to move to Chicago.

In Chicago from 2005 to 2012, Shuquem directed his own art gallery (Reversible Eye) and was artistic director for non-profit The Arts of Life, inc. He was a member of rambunctious circus-punk marching band Mucca Pazza for five years until 2010 when he developed the musical/performance act Loto Ball and toured Europe with it.

Shuquem is a 2017 MFA candidate at Otis College. where he has focused on developing interrelated visual art and performance works. Using the black cube and and black goo, both fetishized by   conspiracy theorists, Ghost prints is an exploration of process ontology, through structures, substances, and Shuquem's querying  of  hierarchies.  "My work considers our human condition, identity, and dehumanization. I think of questions of ability, agency, choice, control and how we relate to each other through structures."